Tulsa Divorce Lawyer’s Advice For Navigating The Ups And Downs Of Your Case

tulsa divorce, tulsa divorce lawyer, tulsa divorce lawyersMeeting with Tulsa Divorce Lawyers is a good idea because divorce can is a very crazy time. There is no reason to sugarcoat the reality because in all honesty, divorce can be a very crazy time. With regard to the craziness, sometimes it is helpful to think of the divorce process like a you would think of a roller coaster. Obviously, when you ride a roller coaster, you will experience the ups, you will experience the downs, and you will experience the thrill of the sharp turns both left and right.

With regard to the divorce process, the divorce process can be simplified into four to six different stages that, like a roller coaster ride, will cause you experience ups, downs, and sharp turns to the left and sharp turns to the right. Point being, divorce can be and often is a time of extreme high emotions, extreme low emotions, and every emotion in between.

With regard to your well being, and protecting your well being during the divorce process, we have written this article in order to provide you with valuable information about the six different stages of the process. We recommend that you read each paragraph below and then proceed accordingly:

Stage Number One: Pre-Divorce Filing. The pre-divorce filing stage of the case includes the final months of the marriage, the date of separation, the making of the ‘hard decision’, and hiring a lawyer. The pre-divorce filing stage is far and away the most difficult stage of the entire process.

Stage Number Two: Divorce Filing. The filing of the divorce papers at the local court house is an upswing stage in the process because it, quite frankly, represents the ‘beginning of the end’ which in the divorce context is a positive experience.

Stage Number Three: The Initial Court Appearance. If your case is like most, then the initial court appearance will be a positive experience because at the initial court appearances you and your soon-to-be-ex will put into place temporary orders regarding property division, debt division, and child custody.

Stage Number Four: Mediation. Preparing for and participating in mediation is an upswing stage of the case because if your case is like most cases, you and your soon-to-be-ex will be able to negotiate either a partial settlement or a full settlement at mediation.

Stage Number Five: Trial. Trial can be and often is a depressing experience because at it, both you and your soon-to-be-ex will have to admit to the judge that Mediation was unsuccessful. Further, both you and your ex will testify at the trial at which time you both will air the ‘dirty laundry’ of your marriage in open court.

Stage Number Six: Final Decree Of Dissolution. The happiest day of the entire divorce process will be the day that you and your soon-to-be-ex finalize the decree of dissolution. Once the decree is finalized, then you and your now-ex are free to move forward with your lives.

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