Tulsa Divorce Lawyer Explains ‘What’s The Deal With Child Custody??’

tulsa divorce, tulsa divorce lawyer, tulsa divorce lawyersMeeting with a Tulsa Divorce Lawyer about the issue of child custody is a good idea. When it comes to child custody, do not naively assume that Oklahoma law naturally favors the mother. Back in the 1950s, fathers worked almost exclusively outside of the home while mothers worked almost exclusively inside of the home. Becsuse of this paradigm 1950s home structure, child custody laws were written back then so that the mother almost always was awarded custody of the children. This was especially true when the children were of a ‘tender years’.

Under modern Oklahoma child custody law, neither the father nor the mother is considered the ‘favorite’ to be awarded custody of the children. Under modern Oklahoma child custody law either parent can make an argument for custody so long as the following criteria is properly argued in the court room:

1) Stable Home – under modern law, it is assumed that the children will prosper in a home environment that is both stable and consistent. A stable, consistent home consist of the children being fed and cared for according to their needs.

2) Financial Stability – not to sound cold, but money is a big factor when determining custody. The modern law correctly assumes that children have financial meeds and it also correctly assumes that it is in the childrens best interest to have their financial needs met from day to day.

3) Reliable Transportation – regardless of the age of the children, there almost always is a need for reliable transportation.

4) Good Communication – regardless of whether you and your soon-to-be-ex love each other, hate each other, or are indifferent with each other, modern child custody law requires the parents to communicate between themselves about the their lives.

5) Friendliness – just like with number four above, under the modern law, it is assumed that what is in the best interest of the children is that the children have a positive relationship both with their mother and with their father.

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