How To Protect Your Financial Interest During A Tulsa Divorce

tulsa divorce, divorce tulsaConsulting with a lawyer during the early stages of your Tulsa Divorce is a good idea. One of the biggest mistakes that people make when beginning the divorce process is when they naive assume that the court system will ‘get it right’ automatically. As a safe rule of thumb, a person who is just beginning the diovrce process ought to assume that the court system only works hard for those parties who work hard themselves.

In order to make sure that a persons financial interests are protected, it is best to consult with a divorce lawyer during the very earliest stages of the divorce process. When meeting with the divorce lawyer, it is equally important that the person divulge EVERYTHING with regard to their personal finances and the personal finances of their soon-to-be-ex.

In order to make sure that the financial interests are protected, documented evidence needs to be gathered that proves (to the penney) how much money is being earned by the parties, how much money is being save by the spouses, and how much money is currently sitting in each financial account which includes savings acounts, checking accounts, money market accounts, and retirement accounts.

When it comes to protecting the financial interests during a Tulsa Divorce, the following guide might be helpful:

Step #1 – Consult With A Divorce Lawyer – the divorce lawyer can advise you about joint accounts, separate accounts and which money belongs solely to you and which money belongs jointly to you and your soon-to-be-ex. Additionally, your divorce lawyer can also advise about the which items of property can be and ought to be transferred and which items of property ought, as a matter of law, remain in the possession of either you or your soon-to-be-ex until further order of the Court;

Step #2 – Gather The Necessary Financial Evidence – just like we explained in a previous article, gathering financial evidence can be very easy or it be very complicated. With regard to protecting your financial interest we strongly recommend that you gather as much financial evidence as reasonably possible in order to assist your divorce lawyer in protecting what is rightfully yours;

Step #3 – Provide Copies Of the Necessary Financial Evidence To The Lawyer – again just like we explained above, when this evidence is provided to your divorce lawyer, it will make his job a whole lot easier which in turn will aide in the preparation of your case and additionally should help keep your legal fee’s relatively lower;

Step #4 – Gather And Provide Additional Financial Evidence As Requested By The Lawyer – sometimes there is additional financial evidence that is necessary in preparation for your case. This is especially true when you and your soon-to-be-ex have acquired numerous financial investments and / or inheritances.

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