Tulsa Divorce Lawyer Explains How Divorce Can Be A Positive

tulsa divorce, tulsa divorce lawyer, tulsa divorce lawyersHello fellow Tulsans. We live in a region where our culture teaches us that divorce is bad (totally bad) and that for couples who do divorce, they ought to feel stigmatized by having ‘failed’ at marriage. Of course this characterization of our regional culture is an overstatement, but you do have to agreement with me that in our culture, there is a lot of pressure placed on people (especially young people) to get married and to stay married FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE.

Me personally, I grew up in a home where we were taught those values and I sincerely believe that a happy marriage is a real blessing. However, I also believe that a divorce can also be a real blessing.

For example, take a fictitious couple who we will call the Pickens. Mr. and Mrs. Pickens married while they were still in school (early 20′s) and after just a couple of years of marriage they realized that they were incompatible together. Unfortunately for Mr. and Mrs. Pickens, by the time they realized the incompatibility, they already had two children together.

Fast forward 25 years and the Pickens’ children have left home. For the past two and half decades Mr. and Mrs. Pickens have ignored their marriage to each other and focused entirely on the children. Of course, now that the children have left home, the couple is going to find themselves in a real predicament. In this situation, the couple might find that time changed things and that they are now more compatible together. On the other end of the spectrum, the couple might find that the same issue of incompatibility has arisen and that the two of them will live happier (and healthier) lives if they divorce.

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