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divorce tulsa, divorce attorney tulsa, divorce attorneys tulsaWelcome to our Divorce Attorney Tulsa website. Here at Bulldog Divorce, we take pride in making ourselves easily accessible to our clients. Our law office is located five minutes south of the Tulsa County District Court House at 1732 Southwest Boulevard, Tulsa Oklahoma 74107.

Our 1732 Southwest Boulevard Office is located on the west side of Southwest Boulevard. We are diagonal from the OSU Medical School which is located on the east side of Southwest Boulevard.

With regard to current clients and prospective clients, we have three (3) modes of communication that are easy to use: phone, email, and regular mail. Below is a list of instructions for how you can communicate with our law office using each one of the three (3) modes:

Number One – Phone: On the left hand side of this screen there is a ‘contact box’. Towards the top of the contact box you will see in black and yellow print our law office phone number (918) 591-2566. Anytime you need to contact us by phone, that is the number to call. Additionally, if you ever lose our phone number, you can easily locate it by typing ‘Bulldog Divorce’ into a simple Google search. Lastly, in order to ensure that you do not lose our phone number, we strongly recommend that you save our number (918) 591-2566 into your cell phone under the name ‘Bulldog’.

Number Two – Email: Our primary email address is On the right hand side of this screen there is the ‘contact box’. In order to send us an email, all you have to do is type your information into the contact box, type in the captcha code, and then press send. Messages from the ‘contact box’ are monitored by our office staff and are checked daily.

When you send us an email, we strongly recommend that you include your name, your case number, and the topic that the email discusses. By including the name, case number, and topic you will ensure that our office staff is fully informed about the identifiers which in turn will increase your likelihood of receiving a prompt response.

Number Three – Regular Mail. A lot of people are uncomfortable talking on the phone and are uncomfortable sending emails. IF this is you, or if you just prefer using regular mail as your primary mode of communication, you can send us a letter at the following address: 1732 Southwest Boulevard, Tulsa Oklahoma 74107.

When you send us a communication by regular mail, we strongly recommend that you keep the communication short and sweet. Additionally, we also strongly recommend that you include in the communication the necessary identifiers mentioned above in Number Three which include but are not limited to: name, case number, and topic.

If you have questions or need additional information about divorce, you can click on our blog at Divorce Attorneys Tulsa… or by calling us at (918) 591-2566.

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