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Tulsa Divorce Lawyer, Tulsa Divorce LawyersBulldog Divorce PLLC is the office of Tulsa Divorce Lawyer Matt Ingham. Bulldog Divorce PLLC is a Tulsa based law office that focuses entirely on divorce and child custody cases in the Tulsa area. The vast majority of the cases handled by Attorney Matt Ingham amd his staff are contested by one or both of the parties. In some cases, the client hires Mr. Ingham to settle the case outside of court so that the client and the opposing party are able to avoid going to trial.

Tulsa Divorce Lawyer Matt Ingham and his staff are experienced in handling the following types of cases:

Child Custody – as a general rule of thumb, it is in the best interest of the children that both of their parents are able to remain level headed and are able to communicate peacefully with each other about the children. In a lot of cases, the peaceful communication exists and in those cases either the father or the mother will hire Bulldog Divorce to settle the case outside of court.

Divorce – some divorces are highly contested, some divorces are moderately contested, and some divorces are uncontested. Lawyer Matt Ingham is experienced at handling each type of divorce.

Modifications- when the divorce is finalized, the parties will sign a final divorce decree that contains terms about property division and debt responsibility and that also addresses child custody. Although the terms of the divorce decree are considered final and binding, the terms of the divorce decree are by no means considered to be permanent. When a change of circumstances occurs, one or both of the parties needs to file a motion to modify. That is where Bulldog Divorce gets involved in the case.

Paternity – increasingly, members of the younger generations are opting not to enter into a formal, official marriage and instead are opting to cohabitate. When this occurs, families are built and legal obligations arise even though no formal, official marriage license is on file at the local Court House. In this situation, both the father and the mother will want to protect their interest as a parent in order to ensure that they receive sufficient custody time with the children. This is where Bulldog Divorce is able to help either parent.

Child Support – in a lot of cases, the parent who has custody of the child(ren) is in need of child support and related child support services. Lawyer Matt Ingham has experience handling child support cases and has helped many parents with regard to judge-signed child support orders.

If you have questions or comments, you can contact Bulldog Divorce by clicking on our contact page at Tulsa Divorce Lawyers… or by calling us at (918) 591-2566.

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